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Structural & Misc. Steel

Today we continue to service Tulare, Kings, Kern, and Fresno Counties with Structural Steel remaining the backbone of Bradford Steel. With the implementation of our in-house detailing using BIM (Building Information Modeling), we can forecast any potential discrepancies within the design drawings and alleviate problems on paper before we hit the field. This has become a crucial element of our successful project delivery.

Metal Buildings

At Bradford Steel, we are vertically integrated and have the ability to think and build outside of the box. Between our Designers, Fabricators, and Erectors, we can produce a highly customized quality structure that doesn’t have that cheap tin-can look. We don’t sugar-coat the facts to lock in a sale and are known for being up-front and clear with our customers for a smooth project completion. We would rather lose a project from being honest, than our reputation from being dishonest.

Insulated Metal Panels

Bradford Steel is a single-source installer for these “Sandwich Panels” which are becoming increasingly popular with their highly efficient thermal envelopes and hard-wall finished interior surfaces. Such panels qualify for Food-Grade interior finishes and are especially useful with climate control is important, such as for cold Storages or food processing plants.

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